8 Jan 2012

Full of Beans.

Pod & Groucho left the wastelands of Northwich Saturday for a trip over for the Bean Geese and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon catching up with a few old acquaintances, availing ourselves of the hot drinks and mince pies laid on at Burton Mere Wetlands and actually doing some birding!

An amazing spectacle with over fiftyWhite-fronted Geese, the two Beans and three Barnacle Geese amongst the feral Greylags and Canada's in the field they've been frequenting all week. Closer to Puddington there were at least 4-500 Pinkfeet, another handful of Whitefronts and three more Barnacles feeding on another field.
Initially the Beans couldn't be seen and we surmised they'd got in to a small dip and were just loafing around. After a fruitless search we returned to the Landrover and drove off to check a few other spots before returning to the hide. Luckily Rob Adderley relocated them in their preferred field and sent Sonia back to find us and let us know they were there. I even managed the requisite 'record' shots and whilst we stood shivering in the wind a sub-adult male Hen Harrier flew overhead. Great stuf

Returning to the warmth of the visitors centre we availed oursleves of a another brew before braving the elements to walk down to the Marsh Cover Hide where Mark picked up a couple of Bewicks Swans and a single Snipe tried to hide amongst some dead stems.


BirderRon said...

It all sounds good at Burton Wood but could you tell me please? What' the disabled access like please? Would I be able to get around in my lightweight scooter?

Phil Woollen. said...

I donou'd have any think you'd have any trouble with your scooter. The car park is very close to the reception building amd and there are gravelled pathways from here to the Marsh Covert hide with slopes designed for wheel chair / scooter access as well as steps. The RSPB have done an excellent job despite the moaning from certain quarters. They've also got a disabled toilet on site. It works but you know what I mean.......

The staff are very helpful and will give you any assistance you need.

BirderRon said...

That's great, thanks Phil