12 Oct 2011

Shetland. Day 5. Wagtails & pipits.

News that a Buf-bellied Pipit had been seen the previous day by some of the tea mwho'd elected t ostay out later rather than retrun to the apartment galvanised us into searching Quendale. For three hours we searched with the only reward being a brief Olive-backed Pipit in the company of Meadow Pipits that flew towards the quarry beofre anyt reocrd shots could be taken. A further search of the quarry revealed nothing so we left and went to Sumburgh Farm where the rest of the team had seen a possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail the day before found by Martin Garner who'd recored its call.. Sure enough we relocated the bird and noted the distinctive raspy call as it fed amongst cattle near the farm.

Once again we returned early as Big Al had a migraine and needed to rest before hitting the town on a a Saturday night. No sooner had we arrived back at the accomodation when news filtered through that the Buff-bellied Pipit had been seen again at Quendale in a Kale field above the dam. Arse. Having only seen one before I was keen to catch up with this bird - especially as we'd missed the bird on Shetland last year by one day! Mark & I headed down to Quendale in fading light to find Roy Hargreaves standing forlornly looking into an empty field. Deciding to check out a couple of other areas the pipit flew calling over our heads back towards the Kale field. Trudging back we located it and watched as the light faded and the bird got closer and closer......................

With the rest of the lads electing to go into Lerwick and have an Indian Matt, Mark & I ate at 'home' before catching a taxi into town where the International Fiddle Festival was in full swing. Oh dear. The Indian was forgotten as a racous crew caroused the night away. Next day there were going to be some sore heads.

You can't take Utd fans anywhere without them disgacing themselves.

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