12 Oct 2011

Shetland. Day 3. Pallid Harrier.

Once again the weather was dull and wet but we decided to concentrate our efforts into finding a Pallid Harrier for those that needed it.

First stop on the journey south though was Geosetter where we found a Little Bunting feeding alongside the road. Unfortunately a car coming down from the farm spooked it and jf flew off just as the other half of the team arrived. It soon returned though chasing two Redwings. A search of the burn revealed yet another two Y B Warblers.

With a Pallid Harrier being reported regularly from around Sandwick & Channerwick we drove to the highest point we could find at Rompa & scanned the hills. Within minutes Mark picked up a distant ring- tailed Harrier that ticked all the right boxes as far as computation & wing shape was concerned but we couldn't get the 'scope on it before if drifted over a ridge and into the next valley. Ringing the lads in the other car we headed west towards to check the hillsides there whilst they staked out our original spot.

Funding some good cover along the way we soon picked up another Y B Warbler. The other lads reported they'd seen the Harrier again so with a couple of hours daylight we returned to scan the hills from a lay-by on the A970. No sign of the Pallid but we did find a stonking adult male Hen Harrier.

Next stop was Fleck where a juvenile Citrine Wagtail showed well in poor light.

A quick search of Channerwick was rewarded with two more Yellow-broweds before we headed for Tesco's for Mark to pick up the necessary ingredients for our dinner. Chicken breasts stuffed with black kidding and wrapped in bacon, roast spuds, parsnips, carrots and broccoli washed down with a couple of beers and a malt whisky nightcap.

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