17 Aug 2011

Scilly's Pelagics. Saturday. Day 2.

Bleary eyed I woke at 6.00, exited the tent, grabbed a quick shower and got the stove on for a morning brew and fill flasks. Today looked a better day weather wise and we have a full day on the sea to enjoy / endure.

With the camp tidied and clothes safely folded away(!) the whole group descended on the Co-op enmasse to stock up with provisions. Meeting the Sapphire on the quayside at 08.20 it was soon obvious a few faces were missing from the previous night. Bob outlined the plans for the day and we were soon heading out to sea passing a feeding flock of juvenile Med Gulls on the way out. An adult Pom Skua flew past obviously on a mission  to be somewhere else.

Higgo gave Matty tips on how to prevent sea sickness - gems like holding a £5 note between his teeth. Steaming and chumming was followed by drift and chum. Plenty of birds but no Wilson's. We were beginning to feel a little smug.

News of a trawler within an hours steaming had us heading that way with ships dog, Bella, leading the way. Meanwhile crew members Master Bates and Seaman Stains looked decidedly green around the gills. A Sooty Shearwater soon got them moving again though.

With Higgo still chumming, fag in hand, as we steamed we continued to attract birds. Best of all was a Balearic Shearwater that graced us with its presence for about 10 minutes before heading off.  So much better views than sat on some cliff top looking for birds miles out to sea.

Continuing to head towards the trawler the weather changed for the worst and it started raining as the sea swell increased. Whilst everyone was watching the stern of the boat for birds in the chum slick I suddenly spotted a Great Shearwater sneaking past us on the port side. Feck - it nearly got away unseen. Another lifer for quite a few of the lads on board.

Matt Eades picked up an adult Sabine's Gull briefly in the wake before it to headed past us in the general direction of the trawler now visible a couple of miles off in the 'mizzle'. Another lifer for Matty Meehan.

Reaching the trawler it was obvious there were lots of birds around it and it wasn't long before Bob found a Great Shearwater. amongst the commoner gulls, Gannets & Fulmars. This time everyone had prolonged views. Great stuff.

With the day virtually over we headed back to St Mary's but not before one more candid photo opportunity of the Payne at rest. A close Ocean Sunfish provided fishy interest and Jason's impression of it swimming will go down in the annals of history.

With the ground still seemingly moving under our feet we staggered up to the campsite before hitting the local pubs for a well earned few pints and some food.

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