17 Aug 2011

Scilly's pelagics. Day 4. Monday.

No pelagic today. Time to pack the camp up and head for home. Not before a few hours birding though. Debate raged over where to have breakfast before scouring the Island for an elusive Beeeater that had been present for a couple of months. Eventually we decided the Old Town cafe would be slightly less crowded than those in Hugh Town. What a decision. Sitting outside waiting for my 'Builders Special' bacon, sausage and egg sandwich drinking a cup of tea when my finely tuned ears picked up the sound of a Beeeater calling overhead! We watched it as it flew towards Peninis Head and appeared to land. Lifer number 4 for the Meehan. Unbelievable.

Splitting up we scoured the island for new birds but only succeeded in a fly over Green Sandpiper, Reed Warbler and Blackcap. Searching Peninis head for the Beeeater was fruitless but did provide us with good views of the Scilly's endemic sub-species of Speckled Wood. Another highlight was a pod of at least 200 Common Dolphins seen form the Garrison.

Finally it was time to depart on the Scillonian and after a few more hours sea watching where the highlight was a pod of Orca's, an Ocean Sunfish, a couple of Balearic's and some Storm petrels we arrived back in Penzance for the long drive through the night to Cheshire where I finally got to bed around 02.00 on the Tuesday morning. A great trip and well worth  the effort.

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