27 Feb 2011

Signs of spring.

A wet morning turned into a beautiful sunny, though breezy, spring day on Hilbre. The warmer weather of the last week has sent the islands frog population into a frenzy of reproduction with both freshwater ponds heaving with amphibian reproductive activity.

The stiff breeze seemed to have deterred any movement overhead and most of the avian interest was limited to the island residents and the usual waders. A retrapped Robin showed the first signs of a brood patch - another sign spring is definitely on the way.

A seal hauled out at the north end was identified as a sub-adult Atlantic Grey Seal rather than a Common Seal.

Even Molly felt the need to kick her legs up in the air in tribute to the joys of spring.

Closer to home the feeling of spring intensified with one of the wintering male Blackcaps bursting into song whilst the pair of Canada's on a local pond were briefly joined by another 2 pairs.

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