13 Feb 2011

Dodgy corvids and the beginning of spring.

Managed to relocate the possible nordic Jackdaw during the week. The corvid flock has deserted the stubble and moved about 1 km away to the smellier delights of a field freshly sprayed with slurry form the local dairy farm. Nice! Another bird was seen elsewhere in Cheshire recently as well as one in Cumbria so it seems there might have been a small cold weather influx of this race.

An early dart Friday afternoon saw me on Hilbre with the 'maintenance team' looking at repairs to be carried out to the sea watching hide. Highlight of our short trip wasn't avian but a pinniped - a Common Seal bobbed around at the north end. Avian delights included 2 Rock Pipits and at least 600 Bar-tailed Godwits.

Saturday dawned still and calm so clutching my newly acquired C permit (the BTO have re-issued my old number so I've probably got the lowest C permit number in existence) I set off for Hilbre meeting up with Degsy at the Obs just after 09.00. There was plenty of movement overhead with Siskin, Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Greenfinch all being noted for the log. Highlight  was a Long-tailed Tit I first heard in the blackthorn scrub and which we later caught in one of the heligoland traps. Not only is this a scarce bird on Hilbre but it was already ringed - my first control! See Hilbre blog for details.

Releasing it back in the trapping area it later worked its way into the Obs garden where it found the lard to its liking!

Besides the usual Dunnock, Robins and Wrens the Hilbre Linnets and Meadow Pipits are beginning to return and the Linnets especially are taking advantage fo the pond for bathing in.

All in all an excellent day and surely the first Wheatear isn't far away? Already Hilbre boasts Snowdrops and Crocus in flower.

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johnnicklin345 said...

Hi Phil

Talk about anything can turn up anywhere.......a Long Tailed Tit on Hilbre,that's amazing !

Cheers Denzil