16 Nov 2010

More local Waxwings.

A nice suprise lunch time whislt walking Molly before attending a meeting in Wrexham. More local Waxwings - two birds scoffing hawthorn berries in a hedge borderign the stubble field. Just had time t odash home and grab the camera before the meeting! The birds were unfortunately quite distant as they were one side of the field and I was the other!

Also guzzling berries like they were going out of fashion were a couple of Filedfares and some Redwings.

With crops like these festooning local hedges I'm sure there'll be more photo oppurtunities this winter. Hilbre also scored on the Waxwing front this week with their first birds for nearly 40 years. We kept a look out Sunday but to no avail but Monday was a different story - see the Hilbre blog.

Not much around Sunday apart from twwo grounded Song Thrushes that seemed to appear after a late morning shower whilst good number sof Starlings pssed overhead with two making a rare stop to feed in one of the paddocks.

With American Bittern and Pied -billed Grebe both added to my British list in the last month I'd made a omment about checking Coot flocks for a Yankee Coot. Lo & behold the crystal ball worked but the geography wa a bit out. One's turned up in Ireland. Expect to see photo's here of a British one sometime this winter.........

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