20 Jan 2010

The mysterious disappearing Black Redstart.

A Black Redstart has been seen on several occasion over the last month between Leasowe gunsites and the Castle Hotel. Its proved to be very elusive and Sunday was no exception. Despite a three pronged attack the crack team of Conlin, Orton & Woollen failed to find it once again despite some judicious trespassing.

The trip was made worthwhile by the appearance of the long staying colour ringed Med Gull coming to bread at the lighthouse cafe.

The flooded fields opposite the entracne to the cafe car park held 3 -4 Shoveller and a good sized flock of Lapwings. The colours on the Lapwings were spectacular - especially the preening bird.

Meanwhile the sea wall reverberated with the sound of cockle shells being dropped by the local gulls hoping to break them open for the tasty mollusc inside.

Interestingly 2 Snow Buntings were reported at Kings Gap but it seems these were a one observer sighting and theres been no further sign since. After last winter they've been noticeable by their absence.

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keithd said...

Hi Phil,

A long shot perhaps - but I just wonder if that ringed Med Gull you saw was the same one at Moore nature reserve seen the day before?
See Moore nature Reserve sightings.