14 Jan 2010

Garden visitors.

Not much in the way of birding action this week apart from a quick call in to a partially frozen Rostherne Mere on the way home from a meeting in Bury. My endeavours were rewarded wit hflight views of a Bittern flying across the mere and landing in the reeds below the hide and the later as it flew from here to the reed bed at the east end.

The garden feeders still dragging in the crowds and I'm having to top them up virtually every day. I spent some time  trying to photograph the Bullfinches but they're very timid so I had to settle for shots through the window. Two Moorhens now feeding on scraps as the pond still frozen.

Even the Meadow Pipits are trying to get in on the act proving its not only Tree Pipits that perch in trees. Maybe this is a new species - Wirral Tree pipit.


keithd said...

Could it be a Woollen Meadow Pipit?

Phil Woollen. said...

Could be Keith but I've seen to many Meadow Pipits sat in trees on the N Wirral called as Tree Pipits just becasue they're sat in trees. There's a wintering flock of 20 -30 Meadow Pipits on stubble near me and they regularly land in the trees if spooked.