23 Dec 2009

The fourteen and a half pound budgie.............................

For those about to celebrate Christmas a timely warning on the perils of mixing drink with stuffing  and eating the traditional Christmas Turkey.

Many of you may not rmember Mike Harding as a stand up comedian. I heard this in the late 70's as a student in Manchester and it still crack me up now.

Be warned!

Anyway, back to the birds. A great day ringing yesterday courtesy of Barry Barnacal who opened his garden up for a crack Hilbre team for one of their regular catching sessions and kept us fortified with regular cups of tea. A fantastic 200 + birds were caught between dawn & dusk. Many thanks also to Mr Elliot, Mr Jones and Mr A N Other. 

Once again Blackbirds seem to be dominating our garden and seem to be roosting in the Laurel hedge. This male looked stunning amongst the icy leaves.

  Here's wishing all my birding friends a very Happy Christmas!
To all my Man Utd supporting mates - remember Fulham is a really nice place!


Pete Antrobus said...

Just like PORTSMOUTH eh!

Phil Woollen. said...

Ah yes, but we only lost 2 -0