15 Dec 2009

Colour ringed Wagtail

News on 'my' wagtail from Denis Elphick from the Slapton wagtail ringing project:

Many thanks for your e-mail and photo. It is a little difficult to determine the colours of the rings but it is clear that the colour ring above the metal ring on the right leg consists of two colours and is a bi-coloured ring. The colours seem to be red over lime. From that alone I can tell you that this bird was ringed at East Kilbride by Iain Livingstone/Charlie Howe of the Clyde RG. However, I am unable to enhance the photo sufficiently to determine the colour of the rings on the left leg (individual code) although the top ring (there should be two bi-coloured rings seems to have a blue comonent and the lower ring seems to be either Yellow over Yellow (i.e. all Yellow) or Yellow over Lime.

Denis goes on to say another colour ringed wagtail from the same area was spotted in the Northwich area earlier this year.

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