8 Sep 2009

Bare a*ed birders.

A quick mention for two of Cheshires finest - Pod & Gregsy-La - who've gone to Laos to try and find the recently 'discovered' Bare-faced Bulbul. The lads are spending 2 weeks in the steaming tropics looking for this Bulbul with a face as smooth and feather free as a babies bum. Follow their exploits here:

They've found them and even photographed them. People with a sensitive constitution may find some of the images upsetting - especially the one of Pod stripped to the waist looking like Grant Mitchells Grandad and Gregsy getting a good chewing on by a Leech.


Pete Antrobus said...

Hi Phil

Thanks for the free promotion. Currently celebrating in an Irish Bar in Hua Hin,Thailand after scoring on the boys plus two very obliging Bar-backed Partridges at Nam Nao. Utd 2 Spurs 0.....

Phil Woollen. said...

Nice one Pod. Been telling everyone to look out on your blog. See you when you get back and watchout for those lady boys in Thailand.