25 Mar 2009

What no football?

Been abroad for a couple of days on business. Nothing much on the bird scene apart from singing Black Redstart. Theres been some interesting developments whilst I've been away - it appears that none of my Man Utd supporting mates have made any comment on their blogs about Saturday's result at Fulham...................Oh dear. Its all going Pete Tong. 6 goals conceded in two games and three red cards. I've not received any gloating texts for a couple of weeks! However, I feel it is my civic duty to bring this result to the attention of the wider masses.

Fulham 2- Man Utd 0

After the game it was discovered Ronaldo had left this on the pitch'

Anyway back to the birds. It looks as if Hilbre stalwart Degsy has been performing beyond the call of duty again as a Coal Tit ( a rare bird on Hilbre) was caught chewing on his nuts in the Obs Garden. No pain no gain!
I should imagine Ferguson will consider roasting a few nuts let alone chewing on them!


Jason said...

I know what you mean about the footy, Pod & Malc where decidedly tight lipped about it yesterday so thought it only best to remind them of the last week or so, all day long.

Phil Woollen. said...

Nice one Jase! Isn't it great when the boot (so to speak) is on the other foot!!!