28 Feb 2009

Gulls again at Arpely.

Back to Arpely again today with reduced observors & numbers of larids. Although numbers down we still got some good stuff albeit distant. First up was a 1st winter Glaucous Gull followed closely by a 1st winter Med Gull & then the first of several adult and near adult Yellow-legged Gulls.

The Glauc was typically belligerent and cleared a space amongst the lesser Gulls by intimidating them!

Adult Yellow-legged Gull.

1st winter Mediterranean Gull

Eventually Tim picked out a distant 1st winter Iceland Gull feeding on the tip face and then a second one showed up slightly closer roosting on the same muddy area as the other gulls photographed above.

1st winter Iceland Gull.

Meanwhile, the ponds in Stanney are full of frog spawn.

Which links quite nicely to the spawny gits (messrs Atkinson, Vaughan & Conway) who, on leaving Arpely and travelling to Richmond Bank jammed in on an adult Iceland Gull!

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