4 Jan 2009

A birthday treat.

Yep. Its my birthday today. A Capricorn or as Mrs W says a a capricious old goat! A miserable overcast day on the Wirral spent dismantling Christmas trees and lights and putting them away for another year. The gloom was eliviated by Jono ringing me to tell me a flock of Waxwings had been relocated in Warrington town centre. As I happened to be on the way to the municipal recycling centre, to save the embarassment of the curb side collectors refusing to take our hundred weight of empty bottles, I carried straight on!
Despite the poor light I managed a few shots as the Waxwings came into feed before moving off to digest their meal.

A cracking birthday treat. I even had one crap on my hat. Surely a sign of good luck? Hope Mr. C has as much luck on his birthday tomorrow. Have a good day Al. We have exclusive membership of the Wirral Capricorns Richards Pipit finders association!!!

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