3 Sep 2008

Knock knock?

Who's there?
Yeta who?
Yet another White-winged Black Tern.

Bleedin hell. They're like buses. You wait for ages then three turn up. Not together but within the space of a month. Todays bird was found by Barry Barnacal at Shotwick Boating Lake in Flintshire. Stu Taylor of the RSPB rang me to say it was viewable from Puddington which is in CHESHIRE & I shot from the office like the proverbial moggy dipped in hot water. The bird showed well but distantly and made occasional forays into Cheshire as it soared and swooped over the surrounding fence.

Birding North West editors Steve Williams & Allan Conlin were watching the bird from the Welsh side of the lake as they both needed WWBT for their Wirral lists (Shotwick is on the Wirral penninsula and included as part of the old Wirral 100 square miles) before Steve joined me to get it on his Cheshire list!

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