19 May 2008

A weekend of contrasts!

Saturday started well with a male Redstart in Stanney Woods and soon got better with news of a Spoonbill at Inner Marsh Farm. I arrived just in time to see it fly from the top of the trees i nthe Heronry and disappear. Thankfully it reappeared back on No. 1 pool just after I decided the hide was to full and returned to the bench. With three male Garganey, the Whiskered Tern and Little Egrets flying backwards and forwards to their nests the scene was reminiscent of the Carmargue!

With news that Portland Obs had trapped a lifer in the form of Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Malc, Jase, Dan Pointon & myslef made plans to go down Sunday -especially as the overnight weather looked wet meaning, hopefully, the bird wouldn't fly off. A disastorous decision. Not only did the Olvaceous not play ball but we missed the Thrush Nightingale having only brief flight views of Little Bittern for consolation whilst the LBO hosted a very showy Red-rumped Swallow! Aghhhhh! My experiences yesterday have almost put me off 'twitching'. Never have I come across such a bunch of people possessing so little in the way of basic fieldcraft. Sprossers are skulkers. Breaking the skyline standing above the quarry its in whilst talking incessantly and loudly and taking phone calls is not the best way to see one. Keeping a low profile, being quiet, and putting phones / pagers on mute probably helps. Gutted of Cheshire....

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