15 May 2008

Coenraad Jacob's Stint

Bit if a mouthful that. Probably why it was called Temminck's Stint after the venerable old Dutch geezer who did so much for ornithology in the 19th Century.
With so many Temminck's Stints in the country I'd hoped one would turn up in Cheshire & hoped I'd be the one to find it at Decca Pools or IMF! No such luck and I was in work when I failed to see Stephen Menzies message to say he'd found one on Frodsham No. 6 tank! I even failed to notice the pager message and the first I knew was when Malc Curtin rang me.Cue panic mode as my long suffering secretary wished me luck. Luckily the bird was still there but quite distant and we were looking directly into the sun - hence the crap pics.
A good find by Mr Menzies who'd taken time off from his exams. We are still looking for that elusive Red-footed Falcon though!
With traffic chaos on the M53 and all roads leading to the Wirral blocked I decided to walk around the fields adjacent to the house tonight. A well worthwhile exercise as for the first time this year I recorded singing Yellowhammer and a
flyover Yellow Wagtail - only my 2nd for this particular 'patch'.
A distant soaring raptor turned out to be a Peregrine whilst several Tree Sparrows and Lesser Whitethroat completed the interest.

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