13 May 2024

More action back at the dam.

With rain forecast at the weekend I decided to pay a return visit to the dam ostensibly to try and photograph the vagrant White-fronted Honeyeater (if it showed again) and a Rose Robin that had been seen nearby......I failed on both accounts but wasn't too disappointed as the range of birds on display was spectacular. Both the Swift and Turquoise Parrots put on a good display but this time they were joined by Crimson & Eastern Rosella's as well as Little Lorikeets.

Juvenile Crimson Rosella

Adult male Crimson Rosella

Little Lorikeet

Little Lorikeets & Swift Parrot

The Swift parrot numbers are dropping off from the record numbers of a few weeks ago but those birds remaining are putting on a good show!

Juvenile Swift Parrot

Adult male Swift Parrot

Not to be put in the shade the tiny Turquoise Parrots made up for their diminutive size with a dazzling display of colour.

A few different species were coming down to drink including Dusky Wood Swallows and Welcome Swallows and a White-browed Babbler

Dusky Wood Swallow

Welcome Swallow

Dusky Wood Swallow

White-browed Babbler

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