30 Aug 2021

American Golden Plover on the Wirral.

The day Chris & I returned from Bardsey expert rarity finder, Tim Kinch, found a juvenile Golden Plover at Hoylake. By all accounts it was showing pretty well! I've seen quite a few before on Orkney and Shetland, where they turn up almost annually,  but my only Cheshire / Wirral bird was a fly-over calling found by me & Al Conlin on 11th October 2009. There's only been 5 previous records in the county and only one (1987) stayed for more than one day. Luckily for Chris it was very close to where he lives so after dropping me off he managed to see it. I left it hoping it would stay until the next day. Luckily it did and  I caught up with it Sunday morning on the beach where it showed well with a flock of Dunlin & Ringed Plover in very blowy conditions!

A great find by Tim and another great bird for the Wirral this year following on from Melodious Warbler, Hoopoe, Long-billed Dowitcher & Pectoral Sandpiper.

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