22 Jun 2020

House Martins & Swallows.

Our neighbours get House Martins nesting in their eaves every year but we don't get any. I think the only suitable eaves we have face the wrong direction! This year there seems to be a few more House Martins around locally and with recent rain causing muddy puddles to form on the edge of the lane they've been coming in to collect beakfulls of mud to build their nests. Up to 20 have been zooming around then landing en-masse before flying off again.

Theyre feet and claws are amazing. The feathering covers the tarsus and feet whilst the claws are like little needles enabling them to cling to vertical wall surfaces.

Swallows seem to be having a good year as well and have taken advantage of the dry weather. I've ringed four broods on the farm I usually ring at so far in the last couple of weeks and all of the young seem to be well fed with good amounts of body fat. Hopefully the more recent thunder storms won't affect them too much. Some pairs have already fledged young and many will be starting 2nd broods.

 Above: recently fledged juvenile Swallow.
Below: a healthy brood of 5 chicks ringed in the nest.

Lovely birds & I really look forward to their arrival every spring.

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