11 Jun 2018


I love Brown Hares. One of my favourite UK mammals and sadly declining in many areas. Before we moved int our current house a couple of years ago I rarely saw them in our part of Cheshire but we are now lucky enough to have them  nearby. Last year we only saw two in the field opposite the house but recently we've seen three. From the interaction I assume there are a male and female and a spare male - he keeps getting chased off by the other one.

A couple of weekends ago  I saw them all together in a field about  3-400 m away but the other day they turned up in 'our' field but were distant. One of the first things I do each morning is check the field and pond for any new arrivals during the night. The other morning I was awake at 05.30 and sure enough the Hares were much closer.  Unfortunately I had to up the ISO on the camera because of the poor light so the pictures are grainy.

 The pair - traditionally a male Hare is a Jack and the female a Jill.
 The paired male keeping a close eye on the presumed 2nd male interloper.

Unfortunately Brown Hares can still be shot and unbelievably there is no close season for them in England so they're not even safe during the breeding season.

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