12 Mar 2018

New species for the patch and garden list

The recent cold weather has resulted in good numbers of birds visiting our local pond - all viewable from the comfort of the bedroom thats now been commandeered as my study. The great thing about this vantage point is that the pond can't really be seen from ground level as you can't easily see over the hedge. Its probably 200m from the house but with the scope permanently set up and the mornings and evenings getting lighter I'm able to check it twice a day if I'm working from the office.

The last week has seen some pretty decent records. Following on from the Jack Snipe that dropped in with 20 Common Snipe during the snow I've added both Curlew and Black-tailed Godwit recently - on the same day! The Curlew was present in the early morning and the Godwit appeared in the evening. Record shots only I'm afraid as the distance is t ofar for the DSLR and the weather was appalling.

The next day saw the appearance of 5 Ruff. I had a single Ruff last autumn but the appearance of 5 birds was something special.
The usual Teal and Shoveller were joined by a pair of Wigeon but the real highlight was coming home from work and seeing not one but five Pintail swimming around or resting on the banks. What a bird for the garden list!

The picture below shows the view from the window during the snow with the pond visible just to the left of the telegraph pole.

 Below: sunset overlooking the pond. Above sunrise from the back garden.

Above: some of the 20 Common Snipe present during the snow and feeding right out in the open - no need to flush them to count from my viewing point.

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