21 Sep 2017

A few recent garden birds.

The new patch / garden list is now up to 95 species with the addition of a flyover Green Sandpiper that presumably was disturbed from one of the several local ponds.We've also recently had the first winter Pinkfeet over and there has been a small but continuous movement of Meadow Pipits.

Here's a few shots I've taken from the bedroom window recently!

 Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Male House Sparrow

Juvenile Robin
Female / juv Blackcap


Michelle Prinold said...

We have all of the above on our feeding tree - the nuthatch is the latest addition. We're also getting lots of long tailed tits, Wrens and even a Jay this last few weeks. Great photos!

Phil Woollen. said...

Thanks Michelle. Birds are coming into the garden more now as the weather gets colder and the natural food runs out.