7 Aug 2017

August doldrums.

There hasn't been much activity on the birding front over the last week although I managed a confirmed 'tick' when the BBRC announced the Stow Blue Rock Thrush from earlier this year had been accepted as a genuine vagrant! I was a bit late to the party on that one as it turned up whilst  I was in Australia. I had a great day Saturday learning how to make and repair mist nets - I'll need a lot more practice though!

We've been looking after our son and daughter in laws 12 week old Labrador puppy over the weekend and as Jan was out Sunday it was my turn to entertain her so no ringing or birding. I did record 36 species of bird in or around the garden whilst stopping her disappearing with my tools and through gaps in the hedge! .

Insects were the main thing though and I managed to find what I think is a Field Grasshopper (its the first grasshopper I've seen in the garden) warming itself on the garage wall and a Forest (shield) Bug.

As well as planting an area of the garden with wildflower plug plants to, hopefully, attract more bees and butterflies next year I've also planted a Lavender bed which is now flowering. The bees love it and sitting on the bench alongside it you can hear their constant buzzing.

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