1 Mar 2017

Med Gull on the house list!

Wit hBlack=-headed Gulls and Common Gulls congregating  on the fields around the house and visiting the pond to bathe I'd been checking them out hoping for something unusual. I still hope for an Iceland or Glaucous Gull but an adult Mediterranean Gull was still a nice find this morning.

I thought I'd seen one yesterday with the naked eye (the black hoods really do stick out like the proverbial sore thumb among Black-headed Gulls) but by the time I'd got the binoculars up it had gone.

Patience was rewarded though when I spotted one in with the Black-headed Gulls this morning only for the whole flock to spook and fly off over the house. They started drifting back but the Med Gull disappeared for 30 minutes before reappearing.

Annoyingly it appears to be colour ringed wit ha white colour ring on its left leg but even at 75 x mag on the scope and the phone camera on full zoom I cant make out the alpha - numeric code.

Still, it on the house and new patch list!

That brings me up to 66 species on the new house list since we moved in on 9th December.
I'm hopeful of a few passage waders and theres obviously all the summer visitors to come yet. Surprisingly I haven't seen a Blackcap whereas they were regular winter visitors to our old garden.

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