6 Sep 2016

I've just got back from 2 weeks in Florida celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary (back in June) with all our kids inlaw-kids and grandaughter! A fabulous 2 weeks visiting all the theme parks with a fair bit of dining out and drinking going on as well. It wasn't a birding holiday but you can't help seeing wildlife in Florida!

Just before we went I spent some time on Hilbre over the high tide. A few migrant Warblers were caught including a Common Whitethroat which are always nice to see in the hand. Highlight however was the large numbers of waders that roosted around the island - return passage is in full swing! Amongst these was a Curlew Sandpiper and a colour ringed / flagged Ringed Plover found by Al H. A quick call to Steve Dodd followed by a photo to Rachel confirmed my suspicions that this was one of our SCAN birds ringed in N Wales. A great record and the first sighting of one of the flagged Ringed Plovers for Hilbre.

See here for some pictures of us colour flagging Ringed Plover with SCAN in N wales.

There were also a few Shags fishing around the island  - probably Puffin Island youngsters dispersing and pushed into Liverpool bay by the strong N W winds we'd experienced.

It was great to see Alan Wraithmell on the island before he emigrates to join Andy and the rest of his family to Florida later on this year. I probably won't see him again for a few years so good luck Al!

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