21 Apr 2016

Marbury sur la mer

A great visit with Mark Payne to Marbury Country Park last weekend. With such a range of habitats this gem attracts a lot of attention from local birds. Within minutes of leaving the car we'd heard a Cetti's Warbler swearing at us from reeds alongside the brook. Arriving at the viewing screen we soon met up with Pod and whilst nattering about life in general we picked up an unseen Med Gull on call. It dropped in on to an island infant of us and was joined by a 2nd. The pair then proceeded to put on a display for the assembled throng with the occasional flight and a bit of bullying towards the local Black-headed Gulls. A superb sight.
 2nd calendar year Mediterranean Gull with black in wing tips.
 This bird also had some black in the wing tips but it wasn't as noticeable. This can be highly variable so this was probably also a 2nd calendar year bird.
 Courtship feeding and presenting with bits of vegetation.

Mark picked up the pair of Garganey that had been reported over the previous couple of days and they soon emerged from deep in the reed bed and swam across the pool to promptly go to sleep on one of the islands!

All in all a great little run out with my first Reed Warbler of the year as well!

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