7 Jan 2016

More on the Pallas's Warbler

I managed to get across to Heswall earlier in the week with the intention of trying to photograph the Pallas's Warbler whilst the sun was out! Thinking it would bea bit quieter I was soon proved wrong when  I rounded the corner to see about 30 people by the sewage treatment plant gates!

With plenty of midges around there were at least 4 Chiffchaffs and numerous Goldcrests  feeding along the hedgerow separating the sewage works from the private track. Viewing was difficult but improved dramatically when a United Utilities van pulled up and opened the gates and allowed the birding throng to view the hedge from inside the sewage works!

The warbler was soon picked up in the hedge and was in view almost constantly. Realising it was working its way back up the hedge towards us I slipped out and stood near the entrance to the private track! Bingo.

The Pallas's Warbler popped up about 10 metres away and sat out in the open for an all to brief period allowing a few shots.

 Nice view of the diagnostic yellow rump!

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Sharon Whitley said...

I've heard of this little guy being seen at that location and nearly popped there myself on Thursday as I was at Burton Mere but I ran out of time, hopefully he sticks around for a while and I may get a chance to pop down. Lovely to see never mind photograph - lovely photos