28 Jul 2015

Garden Tigers.

Whilst over at Hilbre recently Gavin had the moth trap running and was inspecting the contents. Among the many small brown jobs were a number of stunning Garden Tigers. Their caterpillars have been every where this year so its not surprising there are so many adults around.

More good news from the island has been the confirmed breeding of Rock Pipits for the first time in living memory. Breeding was suspected last year when an adult bird was seen carrying food and this spring we had a displaying and singing male. More recently a pair of birds was seen carrying food (the male was ringed in the winter) and this week there have been sightings of recently fledged young.

I've been pretty busy recently with my sons wedding and with my daughter, granddaughter & son in law over from Australia so birding has taken a back seat - apart from the garden stuff! The recently fledged Blackbirds are back after going missing for a couple of weeks and are still begging off their parents. There is also an unringed juvenile and a different female so it looks as if two neighboring pairs are currently looking for worms on our nicely wet lawn!

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