29 May 2015

Little Owls at last!

Three years after we installed our first Little Owl box on a local farm they've used it to breed in! In previous years they've resolutely refused to nest in it but used it for roosting in. A few weeks ago we checked the box and found an adult female sitting on eggs so we went back last Sunday to check progress and ring any chicks present.

There were 5 and all in good health with plenty of fat. The inside of the box was rancid with prey remains and there were earthworm on the ledge in front of the box so they are obviously getting well fed.  We also ringed the adult female and carefully put her and the youngsters back in the box where she settled down quite happily.
Little Owls are declining massively for reasons no ones really quite sure about. I know of 3 pairs locally but this is the only pair using a box.

Here's a photo Barry took of one of the owls peering out of the box when they were roosting in it last year.

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