17 Apr 2015

Hoylake - land of the Wirral Bedouin

Mark rang and said he'd be going up to Hoylake to try again for the Surf Scoters and Velvet Scoters with Malc if  I was interested? Even though the weather forecast was far from ideal there appeared to be a weather window before 11 am before the wind speed increased to 50-60 mph.

Picking me up around 08.45 we were soon walking out west from the lifeboat station aware that the wind was actually increasing with every step we took. Our weather window had rapidly disappeared and a full blown gale was developing. Luckily Mark picked up 3 Velvet Scoters (a Cheshire tick for him & Malc) and after some diligent searching I picked up an adult male Surf Scoter in flight heading east.

One species we didn't expect to see was Meadow Pipit yet as we scanned the Scoter flock hundreds of these little passerines could be seen flying west just above the wave tops.

By this time even the sand sailors had given up racing as the sand was being whipped up behind us in a storm that wouldn't have looked out of place in Lawrence of Arabia - time to leave!

Some say he looks like Peter O'Toole. Others say something different. Malc battling his way back across the sand to the mainland.

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