15 Jan 2015

Garden ringing totals

Graphical representation of the ringing data from our garden over the last 3 years.
Interestingly I've had 4 controls - 2 Long-tailed Tits one of which had moved 5 km and the other 20 km, a Great Tit (15 km) and a Lesser Redpoll (18 km). I've had numerous local recoveries  - mostly killed by cats! The single male Sparrowhawk was photographed in a garden about 1.5 km away munching on a kill.

The Heron was a nice find one morning on a neighbours roof!

 Whilst the redhead Smew is the long staying bird at Newchurch Common.

its been a long time since a male Smew graced Cheshire and the last one I saw was January 2004 at Inner marsh Farm RSPB. We are long overdue another one. With redheads in recent years at Rostherne, Moore and Tatton Park it makes you wonder if its a returning bird as all the sites are pretty much within a 10 km radius.

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