23 Jun 2014

Autumn's round the corner!

With our 28th wedding anniversary on the longest day, Saturday, it was as well things were fairly quiet and I wasn't dashing off to Hilbre, Puffin Island or a mad long distance twitch somewhere! It was a nice sunny weekend spent enjoying good company and good food with very little birding done. The nice weather meant I could carry out some promised chores like painting the garage door whilst keeping one eye on the bird news and the occasional glance upwards to the sky in case a Black Kite or Honey Buzzard drifted over.

The garden is full of young birds at the moment and the warm spell seems to have resulted in good fledgling success. Dunnocks, Robins, Goldfinches and Chaffinches are joining the Blue & Great Tits in emptying the seed feeders daily and the garden is full of the calls of House Sparrows. These have studiously ignored the nest boxes I put up for them and must be nesting in the eaves of local houses. A male was singing on the roof a few feet above one of the boxes the  other day but didn't seem to be going in the box.

Swifts seem to be doing well & I'm often hearing them over the house on warm evenings. With the weather to warm to walk much most of the photography has been limited to garden birds - with the occasional visit form our local Blackcap!

A new macro lens to play with will open up new photographic possibilities!

Now the longest day is behind us Autumn is just round the corner and it won't belong before the return migration is in full swing.

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