28 May 2014

Frodsham double header

With a work trip forthcoming to Austria I wasn't particularly bothered when I heard news of a  Lesser Scaup on Frodsham No. 6 tank as I'd had really good views of the one last year at Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB and I knew it would be fairly distant at Frodsham. Bank Holiday Monday saw me at Manchester airport cursing when I heard a summer plumaged Red-necked Grebe had been discovered on the nearby river Weaver. So now Frodders had two good birds!

Arriving back in the early hours of Wednesday I decided to g oand have a look for the grebe at least - I'd never seen a summer plumaged one in Cheshire and in fact I can't remember the last summer plumaged one I saw. Unfortunately the weather was appalling and for the first hour or so there was no sign of the bird. Joined by Mr Bromborough Twitcher himself  (Kenny Mac), Al H and Stewart we had a good look before giving up and heading towards the parked cars and a short trip to the Lesser Scaup. Low and behold the Grebe miraculously appeared.................

The last photo shows the bird with what appears to be a frog. We saw it catch quite a few small fish and it seemed to be feeding well. After an hour of torrential rain we decided to all head off for the Lesser Scaup which showed well but distantly before heading home to get dry.
No sooner had  I got home and dried out the camera and binoculars then there was a break in the weather so I decided to shoot down to Frodsham again to see if I could get better photo's of the grebe in better light.

This time I had the bonus of a fly through male Marsh Harrier being pursued by the local Avocets. Two more good birds for Cheshire in the year that keeps on giving.........

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