18 Apr 2014

Final few days in Australia

Although not really a birding trip I've managed a few new birds whilst I've been here - Golden Whistler & Grey Shrike Thrush. Unfortunately the Whistler didn't hang around long enough for a photo. I've been walking my daughters dog every morning up through the housing estate to the hills behind. This has been my new local 'patch' whilst I've been here and I've recorded around 70 species in a few days!

As well as the birds there's been a big mob of Kangaroo's most mornings. Once the place gets busier they retreat higher up into the trees but at night come down to feed on the lawns.

The local botanic gardens is currently playing host to a large roost of Fruit bats meaning a lot of the park area is out of bounds to the public. The noise and smell from this roost is incredible.

Bird life in the gardens include these Australian ibis that seem to be finding food beneath the roosting bats - insects attracted by their droppings?

Birds seen on my morning walks with the dog include the following:
 Brown Thornbill
 Diamond Firetail
 Dusky Wood Swallow
 Eastern Rosella

 Flame Robins
 Grey Shrike Thrush
 Jacky Winter

 Superb Fairy Wrens
Yellow-faced Honeyeater.

I'm slowly learning calls of Australian birds as well and becoming more confident about ignoring calls without having to investigate everything as I don't know what it is.

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