25 Nov 2013

Weekend ramblings.

Not a huge amount of birding done over the past week but plenty of gardening! Plenty of interesting local sightings as well with a rare garden visitor in the form of a Mistle Thrush feeding on the few remaining Rowan Berries that the local Blackbirds have left. Goldfinch numbers are building up with 8 or more actually on the feeders but the majority are preferring to feed on the birch seeds now in plentiful supply. At least 20 were feeding on this natural food source at the tops of the trees around the garden. Redpolls have also been seen and heard flying over but haven't yet dropped in to feed - there is obviously a plentiful supply of natural food at the moment.

Other seasonal sightings included a skein of Pinkfeet passing over whilst it was still dark and a Little Owl heard from the garden.

Besides raking up leaves, painting sheds, painting fences and trimming back overgrown vegetation in the garden all the nest boxes have been cleaned and repainted if necessary. Two extra boxes have been put up around the pond so hopefully next year will see them all being used. Two more House Sparrow boxes are awaiting installation - ones been given to Bazzer for his Burton garden & another will go to my parents in law. Another two House Sparrows were ringed in the garden this weekend.

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