1 Sep 2013

Stilt Sandpiper in Cheshire

I'm halfway up a ladder with an electric hedge cutter in my hands trimming the in-laws conifer hedge when the phone rings with news from Mark that a possible Stilt Sandpiper has been found on Neuman's Flash. Don't worry, were his words, it'll probably be a Curlew Sandpiper.

Fifteen minutes later I've got the Landrover loaded with hedge clippings ready for the tip and the phone goes again. This time his voice is slightly more panicky - 'it is one mate, I'm on the way'

Shit. No bins, no scope, no camera, no fuel & my wallets at home. Everything has been removed from the back of the Landrover to make room for the afore mentioned hedge clippings!!!!

Off loading the greenery in record time I'm soon loading up with the birding essentials stashed in the garage and on my way. A few quick calls to other local birders to let them know & I'm soon there. Almost. Taking a wrong turn I ended up having to drive through Northwich. 

Arriving I meet a happy Allan Conlin,who'd missed the last County record in 1984, walking back to his car. Next up is a beaming Pod & Gregsy. Quickening the pace I get to the view point and get my 'scope on this rare American wader. Excellent.

A bit distant but I managed one record shot with the phone against the 'scope.

It's a moulting adult showing some dark centred scapulars and barring on the belly & flanks. 
A corker. 


Findlay Wilde said...

What a great bird to get to see. Is it the first one you have ever seen? From Findlay

Phil Woollen. said...

Hi Findlay. Its actually my 4th - I saw my first at Frodsham in 1984