21 May 2013

Dippity doo da

A frustrating few days!
With news of a female Dusky Thrush breaking late Friday night and the phone going mental as friends rang to arrange lifts I went to bed in a bad mood. I couldn't go Saturday as I'd arranged with Jase Atkinson that he'd come and lay the floor in our new kitchen - the only free day he had before the builders return to finish off. Instead we left at midnight Saturday night and arrived just after 5 am on Sunday. It soon became very clear that the bird had done an overnight flit during the only break in the weather for several days........................I was back home by 14.00 and carried on decorating. Bollocks.

Just to make me feel even worse Hilbre caught their second Whinchat of the spring. Still, I've had a good run of luck and this is the first major dip for a good few years.

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