22 Mar 2013

Australia March 2013

Although a business trip I did manage to spend a weekend with Amy, Lachlan & baby Lizzie in the New South Wales Coastal resort of Merumbula. Amy met me Albury railway station and we drove the 6 hours across the great Dividing Range to the coast. Highlights on the way were several Wedge-tailed Eagles and my first wild Emu.

Merembula is a beautiful town surrounded by sea, estuaries and coastal brush. The variety of wildlife is stunning and a feeding station at a local wildlife sanctuary provided some superb photo oppurtunities.

 Bell Miner
Common Bronzewing
 Crimson Rosella's
 King Parrot

 Merry, merry king of the bush
 Rainbow Lorikeets

 Pied Currawong
 juv Satin Bowerbird - the adults were extremely shy
 Spotted Turtle Dove
Tawny Frogmouth

Another highlight was my 1st wild Echidna found wandering out f the coastal scrub belt behind the apartment Locky was using for the three weeks he was working in Merumbula. A fascinating little momotrene - an egg laying mammal that incubates its egg in a 'pouch' made up of rolls of fat - a bit like its own muffin top.

Invertebrates are also a major part of the Australian experience and aren't always for the faint hearted. This aptly named spider hunting Huntsman gave Amy a fright.

Just to prove your never to young to start apppreicating wildlife here's a photo of Lizzie with her mum stroking a Koala.

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