13 Dec 2012

More Waxwings than hot dinners.

6 Waxwings kept an eye on proceedings from the safety of our neightbours garden Friday afternoon whilst I worked on Mrs W's car. By the time I was in a position to grab the camera a Sparrowhawk had spooked them and they never returned.

Tuesday I found a flock of 100+ near Queensferry as I drove from the office to Chester to pick up some essential bits for the Landrover!

Wednesday I get a phone call from Steve to say he's got 3 in his garden and could I got up there pdq with my rings as he didn't have the right size. 45 minutes from the office to home, collect the ringing box and then get to West Kirby was pretty good  I reckon. As was my first Waxwing in the hand.....

Ageing and sexing Waxwings is quite easy in the hand and can even be done in thefield. This write up from the Grampian ringing group explains how.

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