21 Aug 2012

Autumn passage

An early morning this morning as I took the opportunity of being woken  by my Granddaughter to make a pre-work dash to Hilbre where I joined Derek for a couple of hours.

It soon became obvious there weren't many grounded migrants apart fro ma single Willow Warbler in the Obs garden and the first few rounds of the Heligolands were blank. A couple of Willow Warblers were eventually caught but there was lots else to keep us amused.

Firstly a Great White  Egret was picked up by Degs flying behind Middle whilst we were at the north end. We followed it as it flew over the West Hoyle Bank towards Flint / Connahs Quay. A Great Grip Back.

Next up was a stunning summer plumaged Grey Plover in the gutter along the east side - the  first of the 'autumn'.

Small numbers of Dunlin & Ringed Plover were also moving through in flocks and there was a good passage of Swallows - most of them bizarrely heading north.

Just as we were packing up to leave I spotted a familiar shape on the ragwort by the pond and a quick view through the binoculars confirmed it was  juvenile Whinchat! It moved from thee pond to the south end where it perched up and gave brilliant views from the Obs garden.

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Hubert Cumberdale said...

Great pics Phil. Grey Plover's probably my favourite wader.