22 Jun 2012

Little Swift, New Brighton

As is our want during quiet periods Steve & I were only discussing Little Swift last weekend and be-moaning the fact we both still needed it for our British lists after missing the last one in Derbyshire by 20 minutes! The previous one to that was the 2005 Norfolk bird and after just returning from Cornwall I just couldn't get there. I was away for the Notts bird......Hence the moaning.

Whilst watching hundreds of Common Swifts last Saturday over Frodsham with Frank & Mark we even moaned then that it was about time a rare Swift turned up. Every year there are hundred of Swifts at Frodsham and every year they are searched through in day, one day.

That day was today! I'd just got in from work and was talking to Jan on the mobile when Mark Turner rang. I rung him straight back .

'What've you got'

'Little Swift, New Brighton'

'Oh fc*k, I'm on the way'

Cue pandemonium as I fled the house and shot off up the M53 to New Brighton making and receiving calls (on the hands-free!) as I went. I arrived shortly after Al Orton to find Steve & Chris there with Mark, Barry and Colin - a proper Hilbre day out!

The bird was showing unbelievably well in the rain which helped to keep it low. At times it was buzzing around our heads and then it flew out into the middle of the Mersey before flying along the beach below us! Amazing stuff.

The story of how it was found was even more amazing. Mark had gone to renew his foreshore permit and a guy stopped him and asked if he knew anything about Little Swifts cos he thought he'd seen one. Where says Mark. There says the guy as it flew over their heads! Right place right time. Another bogey bird buried in the year of the grip back......


Tony Conway said...

very nice pics Phil!

Phil Woollen. said...

Cheers Tony.
Shame weather so crap but there again if it was sunny it would have been much further away!