11 Mar 2012


A work party on Hilbre saw us reapairing one of the Heligoland traps that had suffered from the winter storms in time for the spring migration. The fence separatign the main track from the private paddocks was also repaired using the winch on the front of the Landrover to pull the posts upright before post-crete can be sued to fill in behind them. All in all a sucessful days work made all the more rewarding with a traditional Hilbre fry-up!

For those of a technical nature wondering why the bonnets up? It's to stop the windscreen getting smashed if the winch cable breaks!

The repairs were carried out just in time as a small passage of Goldcrest materialised on Sunday with three birds being ringed. Also caught was a female Greenfinch but star birds were a male Eider that drifted down the east side on the flooding tide (and which was later seen with a female on the west side of Middle Eye) and a Puffin flying back out the Dee Estuary as the tide ebbed.

Its a shame we didn't get a closer look at the Eider as now I've cropped the photo those frontal lobes look orange..........

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