2 Nov 2011


A quick tri pt oHilbre Sunday after having been to the office early doors was rewarded with good views of the Brent Geese flock that has now increased to 105 birds! Including the returning colour ringed bird from Arctic Canada. Amazing. Purple Sandpiper numbers have increased to 4 and there are plenty of other waders around. Late autumn passerine passage included a White Wagtail and overhead Chaffinches & Skylarks. A few Goldfinches stopped off to drink at the nature pond and whislt tryign to photograph them I managed this:

Its quite amazing how many birds we see having some kind of deflormity. There has even been an Olive -backed Pipit on the east coast with one eye recently.

Nice to see an old favourite as well - the 'Widnes ringed' Herring Gull apparantly brought in injured to the RSPCA and released with a colour ring.

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