31 Jan 2011

Scaup, Hilbre and the Big Garden Birdwatch.

A leisurely trip to the Island Saturday after the high tide saw a Landrover full  with a complement of Obs members and one of the honorary canine members!

A small group of 3 Teal messed about in the gutter for a while before being disturbed and further out 3 female Goldeneye were way beyond the point of being disturbed by either people, horses or out of control dogs.

Star bird though was this drake Scaup that come close into the west side before drifting further out. its unusual to see them so close to shore and normally its a definite 'scope job.

This weekend was the Big Garden Birdwatch organised by the RSPB  and I did my bit sat in the conservatory Sunday afternoon for an hour - armed wit hthe camera just in case. I recorded a credible 23 species in the allotted time including the first Siskin of the year to drop in - others have flown over but not stopped to feed. I managed a couple of shots through the window.

Also as obliging was this Collared Dove. Normally they are very skittish but this one stayed long enough for a close up!

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