19 Aug 2010


Found this little fella in the garden stuffing his face on spilt sunflower hearts in the middle of the afternoon the other day! Not much mention of mammals on this blog recently but we've got 5 -6 Pipistrelle Bats hunting over the pond adjacent to the house and amazingly a Weasel ran across the road in front of the house Tuesday.

An early morning start Wednesday courtesy of being woken up twice and then not being able to drop off again. Easier when I've had a few beers! Was out with Molly by 06.15 and plenty of visible migration. Star bird was my second flyover Tree Pipit within a week, a Yellowhammer and at least 40-50 Linnets including one flock of 30.

Other local news is that the escaped Harris Hawk has successfully mated with a Buzzard and we now have juvenile hybrids looking like Buzzards with white rumps. Oh dear. Bet the rarities committee will be kept busy rejecting Rough-legged Buzzard sightings from the M56 / M53 interchange area this winter.

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