11 Nov 2009

Game for a Lark.

A timely trip to Liverpool and a text from Pete Kinsella had me scuttling over to Weld Road where the weekends Shorelark was still messing around on the beach. A 1/4 mile walk lugging the camera was worth while as the horny little devil showed extremely well - at one point running towards the assembled throng of six people!

A rare bird in the N West & only my 4th sighting in the region! Still yet to see one in Cheshire although I'm pretty sure one will be seen soon  at West Kirby and will unfortunately depart before I can get there!

This stray waif seems to be part of a national influx with small parties turning up all along the east coast from Lincolnshire to Kent.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Lovely shots, yes they seem to have bypassed the North east or maybe we're just missing them

PeteK said...

Great pics Phil!!,hope you made your meeting.I get what you are saying about West Kirby, but ironically some of the best Shorelarks I`ve seen in the NW have been on that beach.Incidentally do you know who has the biggest Cheshire list?..a shallow question I know , but hey! as we are entering the shallowest time of the year I just wondered!!

Phil Woollen. said...

Hi Pete.
Dunno about Cheshire List. Guess it's between Mssrs Conlin, Williams, Duff & Pulsford or Ms Turner.

Books are great and full of very interesting info. Made meeting - eventually!

It is wierd they've bypassed N E