25 Aug 2009

New website launched -

For those confused by rare Emberizidae - should answer all those questions!
Simples - even for a Meerkat.
(Y B Bunting found and photographed by Jase Atkinson Sept 2009 Whalsay, Ortolan by me!)


Jason said...

i must admit to a slight chuckle when i heard the news then thought how could it have been mis-id'd ? But mistakes will be made. Maybe the abbarent plumaged bird in Suffolk is one or not. Anyway its a bit bloody early for YB Bunting and we have had no easterlies yet to encourage it. Top Ortolan pic Phil, wish i had my camera last year for mine.

Phil Woollen. said...

Fist comment Mark made - 'its a bit early'. I even commented I bet its a juvenile Yellowhammer.......